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LED/CCD Optical Micrometer

• High-speed linear CCD and telecentric optical system
• 2400 samples/second high-speed sampling
• Repeatability of ±0.06µm
• Maintenance - free LED emitter and design (no laser diode or motor)
• High performance controller with statistical analysis
• Controller with target viewer available for easy setup

Breakthrough technology intelligent optical micrometer with 0.01-micron high resolution, 2400 samples/second high speed

High-Speed & High-Accuracy LS-7000 Series

2400 samples/second, 0.002 Mil (±0.06 μm) repeatability
The continuous exposure measurement using HL-CCD enables high-speed sampling, which doubles the conventional speed and accuracy. Unlike the laser scanning method, there is no void in detection. This allows for wider applications that require more precision due to finer product designs, or faster line speed due to shorter manufacturing times.

CCD without moving parts & Long-life LED

CCD without moving parts & Long-life LED
The laser scanning data gathering method was thoroughly reviewed and resulted in a new design combining a Green LED and HL-CCD. This solved the problem of motor durability, which was the weakest point of the laser-scanning method. A long-life LED also provides greater reliability over a long period of time.

Highest-Durability Best in its class

The CMOS monitor camera built into the measuring head captures the image of a target, which is displayed on the LCD monitor. Since the measurement condition is visible, target positioning and measurement condition check becomes easier. The measurement area of the current measurement mode is indicated in real time.

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