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Electronic Applications

When it comes to supplying special gaging, Universal can offer you an accurate and cost effective way to measure your specific application. With years of experience, every gage or special project we undertake exceeds customer expectation. Universal Pro-Modular Gaging is built around a standard line of modular, flexible and reusable gaging elements. We have provided solutions for customers from simple mechanical dial indicator fixtures to complex data acquisition systems with multiple electronic probes.

When you provide a part or print, and indicate the critical dimensions to be measured, we will provide a quotation for a turn-key, gaging system in a time frame to meet your requirements. We can provide solutions for static or dynamic measurements that include IDs, ODs, TIRs, parallelism, locations, or any other feature that you wish to maintain. We provide gage R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility) studies to prove that the gage is capable.

Typical Design Capacity:

Diameters: .125” - 4” (3mm-102mm)
Lengths: up to 118” (3000mm)
Weight: up to 110lb (50 Kilos)
Resolution: .00001” - .0002” (0.00025 - 0.005mm)
Temperature: 32°-104° F (0° - 40°C)
Standards: ISO 17025, ASQC Z1.4, ASME Y14.5m

• Runouts
• Diameters
• Lengths
• Concentricity
• Trueposition
• Perpendicularity


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