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Pro-Modular Gaging System

Pro-Modular Gaging System / Standard -40 Series w/ Digital Gages


Universal Pro-Fixture Series™ is an adaptable and versatile gaging system made out of high-tensile, plated aerospace aluminum. Fixtures of all kinds and sizes can be assembled quickly using single components chosen from the large variety available. Modular design and extreme flexibility facilitate the adaptation to many different tasks in quality assurance for mass production, pilot production, tooling and prototypes. Outstanding quality standards, proven functionality, Cost-effective solutions - with these advantages the Universal Pro-Fixture Series™ system sets a new benchmark in measuring and clamping technology.


The Pro-Fixture Series™ bases with longitudinal slots provide the basis for accurately positioned fixtures and repeatable measurements. The fixtures can be configured according to individual requirements in combination with special holding and clamping elements for specific types of parts. This system offers the customer the opportunity to create inspection fixtures using the "do-it-yourself" principle by providing a modular system with re-useable components. Many standard features, off the shelf components that can be assembled by the customer for a variety of general gaging applications.


Universal Pro-Fixture Series™ provides gaging systems from simple benchtop stations to multifeatured measuring devices. Our products include gage design and build, standard modular gaging components and optional data collection systems. Direct gage interface options include:

• Inductive Gage Sensors
• Vision Systems
• Displacement Sensors
• (LVDT) Linear Variable Displacement Transducers
• (SPC) Statistical Process Control
• Laser Scan Micrometer

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Concentricity Applications

The Universal Pro-Fixture Series™ technology is suitable for industry production for turned machine parts manufacturing in;

• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Commercial
• Electronic
• Medical
• Military
• Machine Tools

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Diameters: .125” - 4” (3mm-102mm)
Lengths: up to 118” (3000mm)
Weight: up to 110lb (50 Kilos)
Resolution: .00001” - .0002” (0.00025 - 0.005mm)
Temperature: 32°-104° F (0° - 40°C)
Standards: ISO 17025, ASQC Z1.4, ASME Y14.5m
• Runouts
• Diameters
• Lengths
• Concentricity
• Trueposition
• Perpendicularity


• Measurement fixtures self-built using the building block principle

• Short response time for changing work pieces

• Flexible, cost-effective, turnkey gaging solutions

• Easily expandable, and assembled or disassembled at a later date

• Outstanding stability, resistant to bending

• T-slot geometric design allows rapid and parallel construction

• T-slots serve to assist in locating and guiding the modular components


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